We offer freight forwarding services in the different modes of transport

Reellog Company provides transportation of goods by any convenient for you kinds of transportation — sea, rail, air or truck.
For goods that require a combination of several types of transportation, we will organize a multi-modal transport using them in various combinations. For example:
  • sea shipping, plus a truck, or
  • rail transportation plus sea and truck, or
  • the organization of air transportation of cargo with positioning truck to the warehouses, etc.
Flexibility in the solutions made possible by the availability of reliable regional transport network of agents and partners in Europe and the CIS, its own offices in Russia and Uzbekistan, long-term agreements with the railways of the CIS countries on the vehicle and station maintenance.

Custom brokerage services

We assist in the customs clearance of the cargo at the points of departure and arrival. Experienced specialists involved to carry out customs clearance in the most convenient way for you in terms of price and time.

The involvement of our specialists at the stage of drawing up an export-import contract would optimize the cost of transporting your cargo. We would recommend the best way of transportation of your cargo, declare it within a specified time frame, avoiding losses in time and money.

Providing customs brokerage services, we work with a large list of cargo (dangerous, oversized cargo, technological equipment, etc.) at customs offices and temporary storage warehouses of road or railroad transportation links in Uzbekistan.